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Family tours are always fun and filling. But arranging one is always a bit stressful. From selecting a location, choosing the right travel package, checking the required documents, and dealing with the local guide to finding the right place for food and lodging- arranging everything yourself makes you tired. Here Globus comes into play. Globus family tours offer you some of the best travel packages in the world and make your trip smooth by guiding you in every possible way throughout the journey.

Make It Memorable With Globus Family Tours

With about 90 years of experience, Globus Family Tours has marked its presence deep in the travel industry. They have always provided the best travel services keeping their client's interests at the top. It has fulfilled every traveller's dream perfectly, covering six continents, nearly 80 countries, and numerous trips.

Not only the common tourist destinations, but with Globus's most experienced tour directors, cruise directors, and local guides; you can explore the unique locations of the place you visit, enjoy local cuisine at the local eateries, shop at the local markets and dig deep the local culture, tradition, events, and celebrations.

Trust Globus Family Of Brands To Explore The Unexplored

Every traveller's need is different, and Globus understands that pretty well. That's why it has curated the Globus family of brands, which includes-


Whether it be your lodging, food, sightseeing, logistics, shopping or any local adventures, Globus has expertise. Just choose your location, and Globus will do everything else. The extended Globus family across the world takes care of all its travellers and treats them as their guests in their native land. That is why it is safest to make them your travel partner. Plan your trip with Globus and keep your worries less and enjoy more.

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Globus Family of Brands


Cosmos focuses on 'Turning travel dreams into reality.' It offers the most affordable travel packages to the most famous and must-visit places around the globe. Whether you are a sea lover or hills, want to go for adventures in the jungles, comfortably roam around the city, sit calmly enjoying nature, or dance on the DJ beats, Cosmos has everything customised. So, rather than getting confused with the unverified information on the internet before going to a place, connect with Globus and know the real scenario of your vacation destination. Choose your destination, choose a date and your budget, search for the most suited services and make your travel easy.

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Finding a suitable hotel, transportation services, or a food joint of your choice is quite difficult in an unknown place. There also remain chances of being cheated when you don't know the place properly. Monograms ensure you a hassle-free trip. Starting from hotels, communication, and sightseeing to all other travel needs, Monograms take care of everything.

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A sunny, breezy day floating on a European river, relaxing with your favourite drink and your loved one besides- how peaceful! Well, Avalon is here to arrange the same for you. It offers exciting river cruising packages covering some rivers of Europe and Southeast Asia. Its expert cruise directors will tailor the best cruise vacation for you so that your dream of discovering places through water becomes an unforgettable one.

Choose Your Travel Guide From Globus Travel Agent Portal

Not only the travel packages or transportation facilities, but Globus also takes care of your A to Z travel needs. That is why they have created the Globus travel agent portal, where you can search and choose your travel guide for proper guidance in touring the places.

So what are you worried about? Plan your next trip with Globus and enjoy your vacation trip to the fullest.