Amtrak Vacation Tours

Amtrak Vacation Tours is America’s national passenger rail network that travels through 46 states and offers access to 500 Amtrak destinations. Amtrak allows you to travel by rail and experience the scenic beauty the routes offer. The varied travel packages Amtrak offers are something you should check out. You can choose from a wide range of amtrak vacation packages they offer. You can also choose from the different travel styles they offer, including Independent and escorted tours.

Travelling by rail with Amtrak allows you to witness every part of the best cities and sceneries of the country. It also offers to witness the untamed beauty of the country’s national parks. Travelling by rail is hands down the best idea if you want to explore every part of the destination and the routes.

Travelling by train is the best idea because your adventure starts the moment you step onto the train until you reach your destination and back. The fun and adventure are ongoing without a break. The metropolises, national parks and historical museums can be viewed easily in the US. This is why the US is the perfect destination for experiencing rail vacations.

Amtrak Vacation Packages

Amtrak Rail tours include some inclusive and dreamy vacation packages and perfect travel experiences throughout the USA. These packages offer:

  • More than 500 Amtrak rail station options for you to depart from
  • Hundreds of options to choose from for everyone’s desires and interests
  • With onboard accommodations and meals and dining, they offer more than just options so that you can enjoy your vacation in its entirety.
Amtrak Vacations & Rail Tours
amtrak trip packages

Some of the amtrak trip packages for the US and Canada include:

  • Vancouver to Seattle Overnight Package
  • Glacier National Park by rail
  • Boston to the Main Coast, etc.

They also offer special packages and discounts for a family trip. So if you are looking for a family trip together, book your Amtrak package now! You don’t have to worry about the accommodations and the space constraints as all of that will be taken care of. You are simply expected to spread out, relax and enjoy the scenic beauty America has to offer by rail.

Their excellent family discounts include; kids from 2-12 years of age can ride half, and infants below can ride free!

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Amtrak Vacation Deals

Amtrak vacation deals are something you definitely cannot miss if you want to save on your vacation expenses. They have a wide variety of special deals and offers and there is something for everyone. All you have to do is avail it at the right time and enjoy your vacation. Their varied deals and offers include early booking discounts, everyday discounts, and special discounts for senior travellers, military personnel and kids.

amtrak vacation deals
Amtrak features

Features and Amenities Amtrak Offers

The amazing Amtrak services are not just limited to onboarding trains. Even the onboard stations have various services such as WiFi, restrooms, ATMs, baggage assistance, lounges, Amtrak kiosks, etc.

You will be surprised to know of the various facilities and amenities Amtrak has to offer for its passengers.

  • Amtrak offers private room accommodations for the ones who seek privacy and comfort while enjoying their journey to its fullest. The seating options include choices ranging from coach class, Business class to first-class seating.
  • The additional facilities include bringing bicycles on the rails, bringing personal foods and medications, a quiet car, where you get a quiet space, excellent WiFi facilities onboard, and you are allowed pets on trains.

These are just a few of the many facilities Amtrak offers. You are in for a joyous and adventurous ride if you choose to ride with Amtrak by rails!